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Excelleng taste

First instance the moment i was smelling the taste of mithila mango achaar I had a drop of tears in my eyes because wo ek dum dadiji wale achaar jaisa wahi swaad th. She passed away since 2011. Aapke mithila aam ke achaar ne wo pal yaad dila diya. Wo bhi bahot pyaar se banaya karti th. I want you to remain the same taste and delicacy in mithila aam ka achaar.


very good taste

Thank you, Ashish ji for writing back.

Your lovely words have put a smile on all our faces here :)

We try to make every batch so that it reminds people of Mithila's authentic taste. Am glad we were successful :)

We hope to delight you with the pickles for many months and years to come.

Apna Pyaar aur Aashirwaad banaye rakhiega.

~ Rajan


Tastes ok ok. Not too great.

Too salty

I was expecting this one to be awesome but with utter disappointment I have to share that this was too salty and aam was also very stiff.

Ghar ka mazedaar swaad

We ordered Mango Pickle and it was yummy. The taste takes you down the memory lane and makes you revisit childhood memories of having delicious acchar at home.

Namaste Medha ji,

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

~ Rajan

Not even delivered to me....

I placed an order on 30-July with advance payment done but order not yet delivered as on 11-Aug. As per courier it came from Bihar to Varanasi and then returned back to Bihar on 11-Aug. Jha Ji should focus on the logistics part.

Namaste Abhishek ji,

As discussed over the call, your order is in transit and it will be delivered to you at the earliest.

I apologize for this delay. We have also informed our logistic team to get it delivered to you at the earliest.

~ Rajan

Exactly what I was looking for.

Please don't say it's not properly riped that's how it should be tangy and little bit hard from backside yet chewable otherwise you get mango pickle everywhere which dissolves in mouth easily.

Namaste Anup ji,

Thank you for your support and positive feedback.

We always try to make every batch so that it reminds people of Mithila's authentic taste. Am glad we were successful :)

~ Rajan

Bahut Badiya

Your Kathal pickle 😋 was really delicious little bit spicy though, you will take 4 pranthas if you usually take 2 paranthas with achaar.

Namaste Anup ji,

Bahut bahut dhanayawaad. Aapki baat bilkul sahi hai ki hamara achar thora spicy hai jo mithila ke traditional taste ko follow karte hai.

Hame esehi mauka dete rahye ki hum apke plate me ek aur paratha badha paye :)

Hey I tried this achar and it's test really othentic

This achar is suparb

Namaste Anjal ji,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

Got with open cap

Got with open cap everything was spilled inside the carton, this time was disappointed

Good but can be excellent

I completely agree it's home based achar, but i feel there is something missing ingredient which Enriches taste buds and actually feels like achar.

Frankly it does not make me feel to eat more often, taste is average I can say.

Please improve taste and reduce each size of pickle.

Lil bit on the higher side (price wise)

I know people must be thinking it is a bit higher on the price side when they use to do transaction on this site. Believe me they are not doing the mass production , it is prepared by hand and on the top they need it advertise which increase the money as compared to factory made Pickles.If you like a quality then this price segment wont bother you.
I am from Darbhanga and glad to know some lady entrepreneur are doing buisness from my small town.
The pickle which was sent by them was freshly made and I am a guy who like a little old pickle.I have kept that pickle in the sun to get it aged. I was missing my pickles and its spices(mithila taste) and thanks to jha ji store for providing such a great taste directly from the heart of Mithila.U all are the future stars.

Loved it

Ordered mango, pachranga n oal barobar. Everyone in family loved them. Specially the oal barobar. All varieties have that Homely taste which we don't get otherwise. Only if mango sizes could be smaller, would be great. No complaints though. Going to order more.

Thank you so much for your love and support :)


Just like how my Dadi used to make. Bachpan ki yaad aa gayi.

Thank you so much Manish ji, that you have related our pickle once made by your Dadi Maa.

We tried to maintain the taste of authentic, traditional Bihari style pickle.

Its a fantastic Pickle

Its a fantastic Pickle just like home made

Perfect taste

Hey i tried this achaar and it's like i am eating the achaar made by my mom. Was really missing this taste since I stay not in Bihar now. Thank you so much for this

It's awesome

I ordered mango pickle.
But pickle is not proper soft. So improve it

बहुत नीक

स्वाद बहुत बढियां अछि मुदा‌‌ कनि कांच छल कनि सीझ जायत त खरा सोना अई

All pickle are very good in taste

My hole family love your pickle very much specially jack fruits pickle

Namaste Anamika ji,

It's my pleasure to hear from you that you have liked our pickle.

I recommend you to try our Grated Mango pickle.

~ Rajan

Old pickle

Not very happy as I felt that what was sent was from previous year and not fresh from this year. The oil tasted old.


Quite good and very similar to what I used to eat at my grandmothers house in Bettiah .Quality control ,taste ,packaging every thing is fine .No complains


Very nice pickle in attractive packaging

Pickle with authentic taste

The Aam ka sukha bharua achar is as good as it is promised. It is authentic in taste with good spices and mustard oil.
It is just right (though a bit higher on the red chillies for me) to be had with paranthas and Indian food.
There is not much oil or salt, thankfully. It is flavourful and yummy. Thanks!