Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Mix Pickle | Lahsun Adrak Mirch Ka Achar 250g
Jha Ji Mithila Garlic Mix Pickle Look
Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Mix Pickle | Lahsun Adrak Mirch Ka Achar 250g
Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Mix Pickle | Lahsun Adrak Mirch Ka Achar 250g
Jha Ji Mithila Mix Achaar Jar

Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Mix Pickle | Lahsun Adrak Mirch Ka Achar 250g

Tastes : Medium Spicy, Salty, Tangy, Chatpata

✔️ Peeled Garlic, Small Buds, Grated Ginger & Green Chilli
✔️ Lemon Juice is added to bring tanginess, and sharpness in the pickle.
✔️ Homemade, Sun-Dried, Traditional Pickle from Mithilanchal in Bihar.
✔️ Store in a cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.

Delivered across India in 6-10 Days
Shipping Charges : Rs. 65

Weight: 250 Grams
Rs. 299.00
More About the Pickle

A burst of Indian flavors - Jhaji's handmade mix pickle is prepared with (almost) equal quantities of garlic, green chilli, and ginger. Pair it with pipin' hot parathas to make a perfect morning!

Ingredients used in this Mixed Garlic Pickle

include Garlic, Ginger, Green Chili, Lemon, Mustard Oil, Mustard, Coriander Powder, Cumin, Carom Seeds, Fenugreek, Fennel Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Asafoetida,Turmeric, Amchoor, Black Salt, and Salt

RECIPE: How we make the Lahsun Mirch ka Achar

Our mixed pickle recipe is inspired from the traditional Indian recipe handed to us over generations.

  • The pickling process begins with separted the garlic Buds . Then, the buds are peeled, and sun dried for a couple of days.

  • Green Chillies are washed, and cut in small pieces, and kept in the sun along with an equal quantity of peeled Ginger. All three ingredients are kept in the sun so that the moisture disappears.

  • Next, fresh lemon juice is squeezed. Lemons are cleaned, kept in the sun, cut into small pieces, and the juice is taken out.

  • Then, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli is mixed with Salt, Lemon Juice and Turmeric - and kept in the sun for a day.

  • Finally, spices are mixed, roasted and ground before being mixed into the pickle. After 3 more days outside in the sun, the pickle is stored in traditional utensils, called martabaan.

      Traditional Recipes

      Our recipes have been handed over by ancestors and perfected over decades of experiences

      Local & Safe Ingredients

      All our ingredients are typically found in Mithila. We buy them from local farmers and traders.

      Dried Naturally in the Sun

      Pickles spend as long as 20 days in the sun to properly absorb the Masale before they are packed.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 234 reviews
      Chetan Agrawal
      Truly Nostalgic

      Dear Jhaji and Team,
      I feel proud to have your product. The taste reminds me of the pickles my grandmother use to make. The quality and texture is stupendous. I purchased Jhaji garlic mix pickle after the Shark tank show. Thanks for your product and it's quality.

      Best Regards
      Product Manager - Biznustek Global, USA

      Namaste Chetan Ji

      Your lovely words have put a smile on all our faces here :)

      We try to make every batch so that it reminds people of Mithila's authentic taste. Am glad we were successful :)

      We hope to delight you with the pickles for many months and years to come.


      Loved it.....lovely taste....absolutely homemade taste

      Repeat order

      It surely taste like home made....many more I have tasted in a long run...but jha ji has no comparison...I will continue ordering...this is second time...thanks for making the plate more Spicer..🥳

      Vijay Laxmi
      5 star: Must try..

      I have ordered this one with other three achar and all are very authentic and home made.
      It’s different from all other achar available in the market.

      Neha Arora
      Tasty but very spicy

      The pickle is tasty but it is way too spicy even for those who love spicy food.

      Madhav Phadke
      Good test

      Received parcel with good quality packaging. Quality of pickle is awesome. Test of mithilanchal was absolutely fine but little bit costly. If You reduce cost it will better

      Shambhu Singh
      Excellent taste

      This was my 3rd order and the experience is great. It tastes like homemade Achar. One suggestion if you can make small packets of all the pickles that will help us to taste all the flavor together.

      Pritam Patil

      It's very spicy actually.

      Sharad Kadav
      Very spicy and hot

      Not suitable for children as well elderly person as it is too hot. One gets taste of chili more than garlic

      Green Chilli Ginger Garlic

      Purchased Green chilli, ginger garlic pickle. Now literally, all our meals are incomplete without it. Tastes heavenly.