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Mamta's life is different since she joined at JhaJi Store! 😇

by Kalpana Jha on Jun 28, 2022

Meet Mamta and her son, Govind. I think it's a good idea to introduce you to them and share their story on how your purchase is making a difference here in Mithila. 

Example of a working woman in rural India- Atmanirbhar Bharat, Bihar

Mamta Devi

Mamta is my most trusted aide. She collaborates with me on pickle recipe, and then ensures cleanliness in the workspace and taste in the pickles.

Her favorite achaar is the Spicy Green Chilli pickle.

working son of Mamta from JhaJi Store-Bihar


Govind is Mamta's 19 years old son. Everyone appreciates his youthful energy in the team. He lends a hand across business functions, from cutting ingredients to packaging.

The jar you see in his hand is Oal or Suran pickle. Or बरोबर का अचार  

I have known Mamta for over 3 years now.

She was working as a household help at a relative's place in 2018.

That is when I first tasted Mamta's hand-made meals and they were absolutely delicious 😋

When we decided to launch the JhaJi store in 2021, Mamta was the first person I selected for my team!

I believed that we could offer her a better opportunity than all the different jobs she was doing.

Before joining at JhaJi Store, Mamta was able to make Rs. 6000, in a good month. The pandemic hasn't treated her family well…both, her husband and her son lost jobs in Delhi and were unable to find work back here at home.

She was super happy when I told her about the plan for JhaJi Store.

It required her to indulge in traditional pickle making. She could see her enjoying this work more than the household chores.

Plus, it promised to pay her more than all the money she was earning from the other jobs, put together.

So, she joined in, as my right-hand woman 😇

And one day, Mamta, brought Govind around to see where his mother was going to work every day.

He was inspired to see her mother work with so much passion. He learned more about the business that day and signed up for help.

Since then, Govind is also employed with us and helps us with mixing masala, and drying the pickles.

Early in 2022, Mamta's husband has joined us too. Together they are earning more than Rs. 25,000 for their family every month.

The money gives them much-needed security…and knowing that it comes from their work to spread Mithila's culture around the country, makes them doubly proud.

Mamta's family, and everyone here at JhaJi Store, count it as a blessing that you choose to shop for Mithila's authentic taste from us.

Thank you so much! 🙏

प्रेम सहित,

Kalpana Jha

Chief Pickle Maker, JhaJi Store, 

In Laherisarai, Darbhanga

"पग-पग पोखर माछ मखान

सरस बोल मुस्की मुख पान

इ थीक मिथिलाक पहचान"

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