Grated Oal (Jimikand), Ginger, Chilli Pickle | Suran ka Achar
Grated Oal (Jimikand), Ginger, Chilli Pickle | Suran ka Achar
Suran ka Mithila Achaar by Jha Ji
Jimikand Mithika Achaar in a Pickle Jar by Jha Ji
Grated Oal (Jimikand), Ginger, Chilli Pickle | Suran ka Achar
Grated Oal (Jimikand), Ginger, Chilli Pickle | Suran ka Achar
Oal Mithila Achaar look prepared by Jha Ji

Grated Oal (Jimikand), Ginger, Chilli Pickle | Suran ka Achar

Tastes : Halka Khatta aur Bahut Teekha, aur Masaledaar

✔️ Made with Bihari Longia aur Bullet Mirchi cut into 2 smaller pieces.
✔️ Lemon Juice is added to bring tanginess, and sharpness in the pickle.
✔️ Homemade, Sun-Dried, Traditional Pickle from Mithilanchal in Bihar.
✔️ Store in a cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.

Delivered across India in 6-10 Days
Shipping Charges : Rs. 65

Weight: 250 Grams
Rs. 249.00
More About the Pickle

Transport yourself to dadi’s home back in Bihar with just one bite of JhaJi’s Oal Pickle. Made with authentic spices and finely-grated Oal, this homemade pickle is full of that mouthwatering traditional flavor. So open up your jar of this tangy Suran ka achar and make every meal something special.

Ingredients used in Jimikand Pickle 

include Oal (Jimikand/ Suran), Crushed Green Chilli, Ginger, Lemon Juice, Amchoor, Mustard Oil, Mustard, Coriander Powder, Cumin, Carom Seed, Fenugreek, Fennel Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds. Nigella Seeds. Turmeric, Asafoetida, Black Salt, and Salt.

RECIPE: How we make the Bihari Jimikand Pickle

Our unique Suran ka Achar recipe is inspired from the traditional Bihari recipe handed to us over generations.

  • To start the pickling process, Oal is washed and peeled and then kept out in the sun to dry.

  • Once dry, it’s grated. The same quantity of green chilies, and ginger as the Oal is minced into small pieces.

  • The three main ingredients are mixed together. Lemon Juice, Amchoor, Salt, and Turmeric are added before the mixture is left in the sun to dry for a day or two. 

  • Spices are ground, mixed, and roasted before being added to the pickle. 

  • The pickle is left in the sun to dry for a 5-7 day period and then stored in Martabaan / glass jars.

  • This pickle is also called, Oal Barabar, meaning that the pickle has equal quantities of Oal, Green Chilli, and Ginger bringing out a unique flavor, taste, and texture. 

    Traditional Recipes

    Our recipes have been handed over by ancestors and perfected over decades of experiences

    Local & Safe Ingredients

    All our ingredients are typically found in Mithila. We buy them from local farmers and traders.

    Dried Naturally in the Sun

    Pickles spend as long as 20 days in the sun to properly absorb the Masale before they are packed.

    Customer Reviews

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    Nathuni Ram
    Sample pack

    I purchased the sample pickel and received the same within 5 days. the pickel were very tasty. I have informed my feedback to Ms Rashmi Jha over phone. My suggestion is to bring down the price of pickel upto Rs. 500 per kg. At present price is very very high i.e. 1000 to 1200 per kg. I think this is No. 1 pickel in India by SWAD and also Very costly in price which are not affordable by common people of UP and BIHAR.

    We are glad that you liked the taste of pickles .

    We understand the pricing related sentiments you've expressed. And have been working to make our pickles more affordable.

    We have launched bigger jars and combo packs due to which the cost is lower than 250g jar by 15-20%.
    As being our customer we are happy to offer you JHAJIFAMILY coupon code. You can use this to avail 15% discount on your next order.

    ~ Rajan


    Superb taste. Low oil. Very traditional.

    Namaste Rajeev ji,

    Thank you so much for your review. We will keep serving you the goodness of Mithila and authentic taste in your plate.

    ~ Rajan

    Waste of money

    I ordered the sample pack and out of 8 bottle 3 were broken…. Oil was spilled…

    Namaste Aparna ji,

    I am sorry that you had to experience this. Please discard the broken jars as there may be small glass pieces that can hurt.

    We'll send you a replacement jar right away.

    Neha Mishra

    Feel like made by my dadi... really awesome.....❤️

    Thank you, Neha ji for writing back.

    We try to make every batch so that it reminds people of Mithila's authentic taste. Am glad we were successful :)

    Archana shukla
    Ghar ka taste

    My search end here. Thank you


    Quality is good but quantity is very less and much costly.

    Ashish Verma
    Mithila ke appan swad

    It reminds me how authentic and genuine ingredients is being used in Mithila. Kudos to you and your team. Keep up the great work.
    Jai Mithila 🙏 Jai Maithil 🙏

    Thank you, Ashish ji for writing back.

    Apna Pyaar aur Aashirwaad banaye rakhiega.

    Jai Mithila!


    Cost is too high.

    Ashish B Pankaj

    very good taste

    Thank you, Ashish ji for writing back.

    Your lovely words have put a smile on all our faces here :)

    We try to make every batch so that it reminds people of Mithila's authentic taste. Am glad we were successful :)

    We hope to delight you with the pickles for many months and years to come.

    Apna Pyaar aur Aashirwaad banaye rakhiega.

    ~ Rajan

    Not really great