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5 Food Items to Enjoy JhaJi's Pickles with 🌶

by Kalpana Jha on Jul 28, 2022

The wonderful thing about pickles is that they add to the flavor of the food we eat them with. 

But then there are some combinations that you will absolutely love.

I have 5 such #PicklePairings for you here. 

1. Thekua

Bihari Snack Thekua

Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, this homemade deep-fried, sweet biscuit is a tea-time favorite in Bihar, UP, and Nepal. 

2. Nimki

Bihari Nimki

Also known as namak para, this is a salty snack often paired with pickles as an evening or mid-day snack. 

3. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

Would this list even be complete if I don't add everyone's favorite - the paratha on the list. What a yummy breakfast to start the day on a full stomach :) 

4. Curry Rice

Curry Rice Meal With Achar

Another one of north Indian staples, pickles go well with Curry Rice. Or Khichdee for that matter. Something tangy like the Amra pickle can really add to the taste. 

5. Samosa 

Curry Rice Meal With Achar

 JhaJi's Khatt-Meethi Pickle can replace all other chutneys you enjoy with Samosa today. You absolutely need to try this :) 

Bonus Suggestion...

Shalini is a customer and now a dear friend. She paired the pickles with Mudhi/Murmurey and shared a picture with us.

Curry Rice Meal With Achar

"Much awaited product.... Aachar From jhaji store...which is perfectly matched with Murhi (murmurey) channa n moong....Sach me mummy ke haath ke achaar ka yaad aagaya...So spicy 🌶️🌶️so yummy...😋😋"

If you have a picture or a video you can share with us, I invite you to share it with us on Google, or on WhatsApp.

प्रेम सहित,

Kalpana Jha

Chief Pickle Maker, JhaJi Store, 

In Laherisarai, Darbhanga

"पग-पग पोखर माछ मखान

सरस बोल मुस्की मुख पान

इ थीक मिथिलाक पहचान"

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