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Use of Mustard Oil brings out Authentic Maithili Flavors in Pickles

by Kalpana Jha on Aug 20, 2022

Mustard oil is an authentically, unique ingredient in Maithili food culture, including the pickles we make.

People who are patrons swear by the quality of our pickles, and the use of Mustard Oil has a large role to play in that.

customer review at JhaJi Store

Even people around the country, know to expect mustard oil in the pickles from the region. 

Customer review about pickles at JhajI Store

As per Mithila Culture, we all have been using Mustard Oil in cooking and for pickles for ages.

My team was curious how mustard oil compare against the oils used in other pickles you may find in the market.

We found that quite a few people use vegetable oil. We also learned that much of what's sold as vegetable oil is soybean and palm oil. And the health effects of the oil are suspect. Palm Oil's supply chain is also identified as a dirty one.  

This is such a big deal that Canada and countries in Europe explicitly require people to list palm oil or vegetable oil as an ingredient. 

So that consumers know and can decide if they want to buy the product. 

 I am grateful for the traditional knowledge that guided our decision to use Mustard Oil in the pickles we make. 

This ingredient has stood the test of time. It has served generations of people who have come before us.  

Now that I know this, using Mustard Oil in our pickles is not only a matter of Maithili tradition.

 It is also a matter of your health.

प्रेम सहित,

Kalpana Jha

Chief Pickle Maker, JhaJi Store, 

In Laherisarai, Darbhanga

"पग-पग पोखर माछ मखान

सरस बोल मुस्की मुख पान

इ थीक मिथिलाक पहचान"

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  • tastani
    Jul 13, 2023 at 07:47

    Thank you for sharing the secrete and unique ingredient in the bihari pickle .it is a good information.The team at Tastani Foods is solely focused on bringing oils which is real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this rather ambitious project of moving every Indian household from the highly processed & packed foods to the real food from nature which our ancestors consumed for thousands of years.


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