Published on Tuesday, July 20 by Kalpana Jha

Launching 2 New Pickles on Popular Request

When we launched JhaJi Store last month, we started with six pickles I knew to be unique from Mithilanchal.

But then you and everyone else discovered us on Facebook. And you gave us new ideas.

There were two pickles that many people asked for.

Both of these pickles weren't part of our pickle collection at launch.

We brought them to the store and now I'm bringing their stories to you.
Starting with....

1. आम कटहल का अचार a.k.a. the Mango-Jackfruit Pickle.

कटहल का अचार (or Jackfruit Pickle) is a Bihari Favorite.

Summers is also the season for Kathal. And people now enjoy this fruit year around, thanks to the ancient art of pickling.

Kathal ka Achaar became a part of people's lives here in Mithila hundreds of years ago. The way we make this achaar is a traditional Bihari preparation. With one unique touch.

Usually, people use अमचूर (dried Mango powder) that gives it the खट्टा (tangy) taste. But we have used घसा हुआ आम (grated Mangoes).

For every 3 spoons of cut Jackfruit, we have added a spoonful of grated Mangoes. You'll find large chunks in the pickle, along with 17 other ingredients.

At my home, we enjoy this pickle the most with Rice and Dal.

2. खट्ट-मीठी कच्चे आम का अचार OR the Khatt-Meethi (Kuccha / Grated) Mango Pickle.

This pickle is a mouth-watering preparation from Mithilanchal. This pickle is universally loved by men, women, elders and kids alike here in Mithila.

Why not! It has something for everyone.

There's tang, there's sweetness, and there's a little bit of तीखा (spice).

This is also the pickle that people in Mithila love with their Samosas.

With all of the flavors, every bite is a surprise with this one. Every bite of Samosa takes you to a different part of your palate.

We don't need all the chutneys with the Samosas here. The aroma of raw tangy mangoes is all you need to go with your samosa, when you're in Mithila.

Fun fact: You may find people on the street refer to Samosas as "Shinghara" also.

Telling all these stories, I feel like dipping my fingers in the jars myself.

If you want to grab these two pickles from the store - for yourself, or for a friend, I welcome you to buy.

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