Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar
Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar
Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar
Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar
Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar

Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar

Tastes : Tangy, Chatpata with Strong Garlic Aroma.

✔️ Our typical Bihari preparation of Lahsun/Lassan Achar with peeled and crushed buds.
✔️ Tangy, Chatpata, and a strong Aroma. Made with comparatively less oil.
✔️ Homemade, Sun-Dried, Traditional Pickle from Mithilanchal in Bihar.
✔️ Store in a cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.

Delivered across India in 6-10 Days
Shipping Charges : Rs. 65

Weight: 250 Grams
Rs. 299.00
More About the Pickle

JhaJi's Garlic pickle is made for the sunny winter afternoons to enjoy with your bowl of Dal-Chawal. A little tangy, a little chatpata. and a strong aroma make this pickle a delight for people who eat Garlic.

Ingredients used in Garlic Pickle 

include Garlic, Lemon Juice, Mustard Oil, Turmeric, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin, Nigella Seeds, Carrom Seeds, Fenugreek, Fennel, Yellow Mustard, Black Salt, Salt, and Amchoor.

RECIPE: How we make the Lehsun ka Achar

Our Garlic Pickle recipe is inspired from the traditional Indian recipe handed over to us over generations.

  • First the garlic is peeled and crushed. Crushing is done so that the garlic's juice flows into the masala, and the masala seeps into the garlic - bringing out the perfect flavor.

  • Salt, Turmeric and Lemon Juice are added to the Garlic, and it's left to dry in the sun for a couple of days.

  • When the mixture turns moist, and the garlic softens a little, the spices are added.

  • Oil is added last, and the mixture is left in the sun for 7-10 days. Stored in glass jars thereafter, this pickle has a shelf life of a year.

Traditional Recipes

Our recipes have been handed over by ancestors and perfected over decades of experiences

Local & Safe Ingredients

All our ingredients are typically found in Mithila. We buy them from local farmers and traders.

Dried Naturally in the Sun

Pickles spend as long as 20 days in the sun to properly absorb the Masale before they are packed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Gazala Kanthawala
Great taste

Garlic pickle is just great in taste,perfect alongcwith any kind of food

Madhurendra Kumar
Best in taste

After my grandparents nani and dadi left us, I was bit skeptical in tasting any market achar, but when I had achar from jha ji, I was simply amazed. It has one of the best taste in achar. I would recommend all to purchase once from jha ji store. Keep growing.

Vikash Varun

I didn’t like this pickle. It’s way too salty. Little disappointed with this pickle. It miss that element. this needs improvisation.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestion Vikash ji, We have tried to call you but couldn't connect. Please do call us back on 6201268880 whenever you got the time.

Your feedback and suggestion is important for us.

~ Rajan
Marketing Manager

Rashmi prava Satapathy

It’s good but I miss the sourness.

Thank you so much Rashmi ji for the feedback.

We will inform your feedback with the pickle making team.

~ Rajan
Marketing Manager

Garlic Pickle

JhaJi garlic pickle was ok. I have had better garlic pickles than this.

Namaste Shailaja ji,

Thank you so much for the feedback

Apna Pyaar aur Aashirwaad banaye rakhiega.

Marketing manager

Ashish Gupta
good one

acha hai lekin teekha bahut hai mere according mirchi kum honi chahiye

नमस्ते आशीष जी,

आपका फीडबैक मिला मुझे। मैं आपको बता दूँ की हमलोग मिथिला के पारम्परिक तौर तरीके से आचार को बनाते है और जहाँ तक मसलो की बात है तो यहाँ के लोग आचार थोड़ा मसालेदार ही खाना पसंद करते है।

मैं आपको कहूंगा की आप हमारा आम का खट्टा- मीठा आचार खाये। हमें उम्मीद है ये आपको काफी पसंद आएगा।

आर्डर प्लेस करने के लिए आप निचे लिंक पर क्लिक कर सकते है।

~ Rajan
Marketing Manager

Sumit Hom

Awesome taste and good packing recommend to try once to pickle lovers.

Namaste Sumit ji,

Thank you so much for the kind feedback. We really appreciate it.

Your support means a lot to us, and we look forward to delighting you with more products from Mithila in the future.

~ Rajan

Shipra Dwivedi
Awesomeness in jar

Really satisfied with taste.Definately going to order again

Namaste Shipra ji,

We're so glad you loved the pickles. Thank you so much for all the kind words of appreciation. Will go a long way in a lot more people discovering the Taste of Mithila

Anish Kumar

Excellent taste

Thank you, Anish ji for writing back.

Your lovely words have put a smile on all our faces here :)


Mam taste bilkul bhi acha nhi hai bahut hi kachha hai aur khatta bhi nhi haijaise expectation thi waisa bilkul nhi Nikla mere paise waste ho gye...