मिथिला की कहानी, मनुषी की ज़ुबानी 

दरभंगा की ननद-भौजाई के मशहूर अचार का स्टोर 

Kalpana and Uma Jha started this business to take Mithila’s authentic taste to people who have once lived in the region but have since moved out for work or education.

In 18 short months, the business has appeared on national television, reached 50,000 customers and ₹3 Crore+ in Sales.

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Winning over Sharks!

In a dramatic fashion, JhaJi Store got an offer from two sharks from Shark Tank India Season 1, even after getting Rejected on TV.

Selling like Wildfire!

Only in its second year, JhaJi Store has crossed 2.5 Crores worth of sales and is looking forward to 3X in 2023

Doing it in Darbhanga

Amid a pandemic and looming recession, this woman-owned business has beaten several odds to build itself so quickly in small-town-Darbhanga.

ई थीक मिथिलाक पहचान 

JhaJi Store authentically revels in and celebrates traditional Maithili cuisine and its culture.

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