Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil
Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil

Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle with little Oil

Tastes : Tangy, Spicy, Sour, and Salty

✔️ Has only little oil necessary for preservation.
✔️ Looks dark brown right from the start, and takes dark shades as pickle ages.
✔️ Homemade, Sun-Dried, Traditional Pickle from Mithilanchal in Bihar.
✔️ Store in a cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.

Weight: 500 Grams
Rs. 499.00
More About the Pickle

A unique, authentically Bihari, dry mango pickle enjoyed with Dal Chawal, roti, or your favorite afternoon snack. Also known as Aam ka Phada (आम का फाड़ा), this is made with long mango pieces, wrapped in spices, dipped into oil, and dried in the sun.

Ingredients used in the Dry Mango Pickle



Mustard Oil 

सरसो तेल 



Red Chilli Powder 

लाल मिर्च 

Coriander Powder 




Carom Seeds (Ajwain)




Fennel Seeds




Black Cumin Seeds ( Mangrella)






Black Mustard

कला राई 

Black Salt

काला नमक 



Mango varieties used for production of this pickle includes Malda, Bijju, Kalkatiya & Sukul. They are all tangy, juicy, pulpy varieties grown in Darbhanga district. Spices are mostly sourced locally from farmers, and bazar samitis in Samastipur. We buy whole spices and clean, roast, ground them in our kitchen-factory. Mustard Oil is brought in from Rajasthan. We test it regularly for purity, and quality.

RECIPE: How we make the Aam ka Sukha Achar

The Process of Preparation is inspired by the traditional techniques Kalpana observed her mother-in-law Tarini use to prepare this dry mango pickle.
Typically, the mangoes for this pickle arrive in the evening around 7 PM, after being plucked from the trees on the same day. Immediately they are sorted in size categories. The small mangoes are not used for this pickle. Selected mangoes should be big enough to cut out 4-6 large pieces (2 inches * 1 inch).

The next morning, work begins by cutting the mangoes. As soon as a mango is cut, it’s dipped into water to take away the heat inside the mango. After 5-10 minutes pass, the cut mangoes are washed again 2-3 times before being spread under the sun for a couple of hours to dry out the moisture.

After a few hours, turmeric and salt is added to the cut mango pieces. And this mixture is left untouched for 12-48 hours. The moisture within the mangoes drains out in form of tangy juice which is separated. At the same time, a masala mix is prepared by adding together about a dozen different spices, and mustard oil. Everything is mixed well, till the masala blends together. The proportion of spices used is based on Kalpana’s experience. Tangy water that drained out of the mangoes is also mixed into the masala.

After the time has passed, the cut mangoes are taken out and the masala is wrapped around the inner side one piece at a time. It’s a tedious process, and takes time. Finally, this cut piece of mango with masala wrapped around it is dipped into oil, and spread out on top of a bamboo soop as seen below. This pickle is now ready for sun-drying for 6-10 days. Once through the sun-drying phase, it’s stored in glass martabaans before being send to our customers.

This pickle is slightly saltier than the other ones on our store, as salt and turmeric act as the chief preservatives and not oil. When you go to villages in Darbhanga, Madhubani, or any nearby areas, you’re likely to be welcomed with Chora Dahi & this sookha bharua pickle. More so, during or just after monsoon.  

Aam ka Sookha Bharua Achar or Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle is sold as part of Bihari Pickles and Mango Pickles on JhaJi Store

Traditional Recipes

Our recipes have been handed over by ancestors and perfected over decades of experiences

Local & Safe Ingredients

All our ingredients are typically found in Mithila. We buy them from local farmers and traders.

Dried Naturally in the Sun

Pickles spend as long as 20 days in the sun to properly absorb the Masale before they are packed.

Customer Reviews

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Achar with originality

Full satisfaction

Namaste Ji,

Absolutely fantastic to hear! Your satisfaction is our priority. Your taste buds' approval is our greatest reward!

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Sunita Jain
Traditionally Best

A very ethnic and traditional pickle that reminds motherly touch.

Wishing for the best to alive our culture.

Namaste Ji,

Your sentiment means a lot to us! Preserving and celebrating culture through flavors is at the heart of what we do. Thank you for your heartfelt wishes . Your support encourages us!

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Reminds of homely pickles

I ordered this aachar...it tastes exactly like i have had in my childhood. Barely any oil used in it. Taste goods with almost every cuisine..i am looking for ordering more in future..

Namaste Ji,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with our aachar! We're excited to be part of your culinary journey.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

निराला स्वाद

आम का एक नया स्वाद

Namaste Ji,

नमस्ते जी, आपका फीडबैक सुनकर बढ़िया लगा। हम आपके बात अपने आचार बनाने वाली टीम से जरूर साझा करेंगे। अपना प्यार और आशीर्वाद बनाये रखयेगा।

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Very Very Spicy!!!

Thank you so much for the overall real Aachar experience however Spicyness can be controlled. This was my third order i guess but First order was really fine. Second order onwards Spicy level has substantially increased. REQUESTING TO CONTROL THIS A BIT TO MAKE IT AWESOME.

Namaste Ji,

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We appreciate your understanding of the overall 'real Aachar' experience. We've noted your concern about the increased spiciness in your recent orders and your request for better control in this regard. Your input is valuable, and we will certainly inform our pickle making team to work on achieving a more balanced spiciness level to make your future orders truly awesome. Your satisfaction is our priority.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

' Col Vishnu Verma

Very good. Was reminded of my mother. Tasty and very well packaged. Will order again when my my children from IS or Finland are scheduled to visit us. The taste of masala adds to flavour. Keep it up.
You have eight small bottles.. what all they contain?
Best of luck to you & your team.

Namaste Ji,

We're thrilled that our pickle evoked memories of your mother's cooking. Thank you for your kind words and best wishes. We can't wait to serve you again when your children visit.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Must try pickle

Every indian is using pickle in their daily bites. I personally recommend to try this pickle. It is truly awesome. I swear you will better than this review.

Namaste Ji,

Thank you for the recommendation! We're thrilled you find our pickle awesome and appreciate your support.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Anurita Banerjee
Absolute ghar ka achar

Very tasty and ghar ka swad achar. Very convenient to have with paratha any time. Thank u jhaji 🙏

Namaste Ji,

Your kind words bring joy to our day! We're pleased that you find our achar very tasty and reminiscent of homemade flavors. It's fantastic to know that it pairs well with paratha. Thank you for choosing JhaJi Store, and we're here to assist with any future needs or questions.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Fabulous in test Ummy 😋 🤩

Apka aachar khana ka bad Village ki bhot yada tajja ho jathi hai . Thankyou soo much jhaji pickle and now this time your pickle is taste and 👍😊

Namaste Ji,

It's heartwarming to know that our pickles bring a taste of home and tradition to your village gatherings. We're deeply grateful for your kind words and for making us a part of your special moments. Your happiness is our inspiration.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head

Inderpreet Kaur

Sukha aam ka bharua achar taste is awesome.packing is excellent
Just a bit advice according to me mango piece should b bit smaller.

Namaste Ji,

We appreciate your kind words and feedback! It's great to hear that you loved the taste and packaging of our Sukha Aam Ka Bharua Achar. Your suggestion about the mango pieces is valuable, and we'll take it into account.

~ Rajan
Marketing Head