About JhaJi Store

On 2nd October 2020, Kalpana and Uma decided to launch their business based out of a small town Darbhanga, in Mithilanchal, in Northern Bihar.

For the past 3 decades, they have made pickles and chutneys enjoyed, loved, and cherished by family and friends from New Delhi to New York. And it was time, they realized to bring their expertise to a larger audience beyond their immediate circle.

After 6 months of trials and tribulations, getting food licenses, finalizing packaging, making 100s of kilos of pickles, finally in late March 2021, a business they could have never imagined - JhaJi Store - was ready to launch. 

At JhaJi Store, all pickles and chutneys, are 

✔️ Handmade, Sun-Dried, Traditional Savories of Mithilanchal in Bihar.
✔️ FREE OF ANY Preservatives, Colors, Additives.
✔️ Made with locally sourced fruits, vegetables and spices.   

For Kalpana and Uma, JhaJi Store is a business with purpose. In fact, three tangible goals that are most important to JhaJi’s success include,

  • Creating meaningful employment for 500+ women in Darbhanga over the period 2021-2023. 
  • Investing 10% of the business’s profits towards girl child education in Bihar
  • And importantly, making traditional Mithila savories a household name across India, by reaching 1,00,000 customers in 2021-2023.

It’s time to get excited about the future at JhaJi Store.

As we would say it in the maithili tongue of this region,

“Aanha ek du ta achar lio tah, bad nik lagat” 🙏

Or in English, please order a couple of jars of your favorite pickles, you’ll love it :) 

Theek, lay chi // I'll order now :)

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