Published on Thursday, September 25 by Kalpana Jha

New Pickle at JhaJi Store -  🥭 Aam Sookha Bharua (Stuffed Mango Pickle)  🥭

As I write this email, we have launched a new pickle.आम का सूखा भरवां अचार OR Stuffed Mango Pickle.

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The pickle will sell for Rs. 299/-, BUT since you're reading this, you can get the pickle for 15% OFF using the coupon JHAJIFAMILY on checkout.

A word of caution: We use Salt as the main preservative in this pickle and has a higher content than any other pickle. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has high blood pressure and a risk of heart disease.

The Main spices in the pickle are सरसों and काला राई (Yellow and Black Mustard, respectively).

The spice mix is particularly flavorful.

That's what you first taste when you bite into it.

And then you dig deeper into the tanginess of raw mango pieces, which are twice as big as in Mithila Special pickle.

People here in Mithila enjoy the pickle best with Dal Chawal, roti, or with your favorite afternoon snack.

I'll love to see what You enjoy it most with.


I ask for your blessings and best wishes as we bring this new product into the world 🙏

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