Can you place the order for me?

We can place the order on your behalf. Please drop a message on whatsapp

We'll ask for your name, complete address, contact number, products you’d like to order, and how you'll like to pay for the order.

When will I receive my items?

It is currently taking us 1-2 weeks to deliver orders, based on the delivery restrictions in your area.

How can I track my order?

You can track your shipment anytime here.
You can track the order using your email address and the order number in your confirmation email, or the tracking number sent to you on email as well.

If you can't find these details, drop us a message on whatsapp and we'll share the latest update on your order right away.

How can I pay for my Order?

You can complete the payment using any debit card, credit card, popular payment gateways, or choose to pay on delivery.

Our ability to collect Cash on Delivery depends on our partners, and it may not be available all over India.

What are the shipping charges?

We charge a flat Rs 65/- as delivery fee on every order. Shipping is free on orders above Rs 1000/- 

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please drop us a message on Whatsapp or email us 

We'll appreciate it if you can tell us why you're canceling the order. We'll like to act on your feedback and improve.

Please understand that we don’t cancel any orders once they have been delivered.

My order has arrived, but it’s damaged. What should I do?

We know that
delivery services don't treat shipments kindly enough. That's why we take extra precautions when sending the jar. Only 1 in 100 shipments have historically reached damaged to the customer.

If that is unfortunately the case with you, we'll replace your pickles free of cost.

Take a picture of the damaged order, and discard the products.

And then please reach out to us on whatsapp, +91-6201268880, or email on You can also choose to message us on our social channels, Facebook and Instagram.

Do you have any discounts for first-time customers?

Of course. Use “JHAJIFAMILY” to get a 15% OFF on orders above Rs 450/-

Product Related

Do you use any preservatives?

COLORS. We source the ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and spices from local farmers near Darbhanga, in Bihar.

What is the shelf life of your pickles?

12 Months. All our pickles have been tested for shelf life by a NABL, FSSAI accredited lab in Gurgaon.

What type of oil do you use?

Our pickles are made using Mustard Oil, in the traditional Bihari way.

Do the pickles use organic ingredients?

As all our ingredients are sourced from small farmers in Bihar, who don’t have Organic certification, we can’t claim our pickles are organic.

Can I know your preparation method for pickles?

Yeah, sure. You can read brief recipes of any pickle on its product page. Green Chilli Pickle, Oal Pickle, Amla Pickle. You can also follow our social pages, Facebook, and Instagram,
or read our blog for regular sneak peek into the JhaJi Store.