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🇮🇳 Let's Celebrate India and the Diverse Cultures that Make it Unique

India's Independence Day is a time to celebrate the diversity of this great country.

It's such an amazing place, with so many different languages and cultures!

130 Crore People

share an 8000-year old history,

speaking 450 different languages,

celebrating 100 different festivals

across 29 different states with their

unique clothing, cuisine, and creative arts

that change every few kilometers.

Tell me in the comments something you love about being an Indian, a uniquely Indian tradition that you celebrate.

Independence Day Celebrations in Mithila are incomplete without Sev Bunia.

Every one of us has enjoyed it as a child here in Mithila.

Akshaya Mishra captured this emotion beautifully in an article he wrote back in 2012.

Here's a small excerpt from the article.

"Sev-Bundi wrapped in small pieces of paper — that’s what one got after the Independence Day celebrations at school.But that was something worth waiting a year for.

It was always an exhilarating experience to open the tiny packet and tuck into the sweet-salty content with friends.

At 9 or 10 independence meant happy feelings and small joys."

There are two short videos that set the mood for the day. I'm sharing them here for you to enjoy them with your families. 

Watch this short film made by Netflix and UNESCO. They have collaborated to produce a series of films celebrating India's cultural diversity, starting with this one.

Watch the Film

On the occasion of India's 75th Independence Day, Digital India has also created a film that takes you through a short journey of India since its independence.

Watch the Film

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